Medium Density Fiberboard

Sanded MDF board is made from wood fibers with the use of organic binders under high pressure and temperature conditions. To maintain the required thickness, MDF is polished at the final stage of production. MDF board is characterized by a uniform density, which gives better processing possibilities than that of natural wood.

Product Description:

  • thickness — from 6 mm to 28 mm
  • default size — 2800 мм х 2070 мм*
  • formaldehyde emission — Е1

*Individual orders are possible from 400 m3

ProductThickness, mmSize, mm
MDF, sanded62800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded82800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded102800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded122800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded162800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded182800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded222800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded252800 х 2070 
MDF, sanded282800 х 2070