High Density Fiberboard

HDF is produced by an environmentally friendly dry process. The density of the plate is 800-1050 kg / m3. The HDF boards are homogeneous in structure and have a particularly dense and hard surface. They feature very high dimensional stability, high strength characteristics, excellent horizontal and very easy to handle.

Product description:

  • thickness — from 5,5 мм to 12 mm
  • default size — 2800 mm х 2070 mm*
  • formaldehyde emission — Е1

*Individual orders are possible from 400 m3

ProductThickness, mmSize, mm
HDF, sanded5.52800 х 2070
HDF, sanded62800 х 2070
HDF, sanded7.42800 х 2070
HDF, sanded7.62800 х 2070
HDF, sanded82800 х 2070
HDF, sanded8.42800 х 2070
HDF, sanded9.42800 х 2070
HDF, sanded11.42800 х 2070
HDF, sanded11.72800 х 2070